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Smart Face Lock Solution

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1. YN5102 face solution description


YN5102 is a face series recognition solution carefully polished by Yaoyang on the face and fingerprint recognition algorithm with independent intellectual property rights. It is also a professional high-performance, low-power, and super cost-effective smart door lock. The products are in a leading position in the industry.


2. Function introduction


1. Using 2.8 inches TFT capacitive touch screen, the display is clear, the touch is sensitive, and the operation is convenient.


2. Optional no screen, 12 touch keys, can be awakened by any key, the keyboard is illuminated by 12 LEDs.


3. Adopt high-definition dual camera + infrared light combination, no fear of dark night, strong light, can be collected and identified normally.


4. Adopting binocular face recognition algorithm with independent intellectual property rights, recognition is accurate and fast.


5. Using high-performance semiconductor fingerprint sensor, with advanced algorithms, 14pin sensor interface, with touch power-on function.


6. Voice prompt navigation throughout.


7. It is powered by 8 dry batteries, lithium batteries, and has an external power interface (Micro USB interface).


8. The fingerprint information intelligent update function effectively improves the user experience.


9. The password length is 6~12 digits, with garbled code function (continuous input of up to 30 digits in length, as long as there is a correct password to pass, input more than 30 digits at a time will not recognize).


10. User capacity: a total of 200 IDs for faces, fingerprints, passwords, and proximity cards.


11. Try to open the freeze function.


12. Anti-pry alarm function.


13. Near-field sensing function.


14. The three-color breathing light can transmit the current state of the lock more intuitively.


15. It can be connected with direct-drive semi-automatic lock, encrypted motor semi-automatic lock, full-automatic lock, with one-key locking function.


16. Low battery reminder function.


17. Doorbell function.


18. The factory settings can be restored.


19. The firmware can be upgraded through the USB interface.


Communication methods: wifi, zigbee, 433, etc., can be connected to communication modules, patch, plug, etc.

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